4 Stunning Places to See (and Photograph) In Switzerland

Why did I want to visit Switzerland?  Because it’s so freakin’ beautiful — mountains, green fields, and fresh crisp air.  The first time I visited Europe was through an organized class trip in high school.  Switzerland stood out in my memory because of its natural beauty.  I had been wanting to go back ever since.

Visiting Switzerland in April was a little tricky weather-wise.  I’m glad that I brought a heavy coat and in fact, wish I also had packed gloves, a hat and a winter scarf.  However, we were mostly lucky and had some beautiful sunny mornings, even when the weather turned to snow and rain later on.  On our first day, we purchased a Swiss Travel Pass which made it super easy to get around without worrying about the individual cost for each train ride.  It also gave us free entry to several museums and sites we visited.  I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to plans to visit several places within a fairly short amount of time.


Clouds below the mountain peaks

I planned to visit Schilthorn because it could be done in half a day, which worked out perfectly. Despite rain the night before, we had a clear morning on top of the peak before clouds finally started to roll in around noon.  From Schilthorn, we enjoyed views of the Eiger, the Monch, and the Jungfrau, the big three alpine peaks for this region of the alps.  We also saw skiers on their way down the mountain below us.  As you can see from the picture, we were literally above the clouds.

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Path through Lauterbrunnen Valley

The cable car from Schilthorn takes you down the Stechelberg.  From there, we walked through Lauterbrunnen Valley back towards the village of Lauterbrunnen.  In the valley, you are surrounded by green meadows and steep cliffs dotted with waterfalls.  In the distance, you can see snow-capped peaks.  The town of Lauterbrunnen itself is small and charming.  Nearly every spot in the town has great views of the dramatic Staubbach Falls.

Staubach Falls over Lauterbrunnen at night…

 Broc and Maison Cailler

Cows outside Maison Cailler

Because we got off at the wrong train station, we walked through the town of Broc and down into the valley where Maison Cailler is located.  The views over the green valley are beautiful.  The field was full of cows enjoying some time in the sun.  The Maison Cailler museum was a worthwhile attraction.  I especially like the ingredients room, where you have an opportunity to taste hazelnuts, cocoa beans and some of the other ingredients that go into Cailler chocolate.  Plus, at the end of the tour you get sample plenty of (finished) chocolate in Cailler’s tasting room.

Enney Train Station

Mountains from Enney train station

The views from Enney Station looked like an illustrated postcard.  It made me wonder, “Does anyone ever get tired of these views?”  There was no one around to ask.  Sheep were grazing on a hill and chickens and a rooster came out of the coop to greet us from a little back yard next to the train tracks, but no people in sight.  We were only there because we had taken the train in the wrong direction and gotten off at Enney to wait an hour for the train going the other way.  Eventually, snow that we thought we had dodged early in the village of Gruyeres caught up with us.

April snow in Enney

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One day I’ll get back to Switzerland to explore the French speaking side around Lake Geneva.  Do you have a favorite place or moment in Switzerland?

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