Hi, I’m Lauren.  I’m 35.  I work full-time as an English as  Second Language instructor and live with my husband in the New Jersey/New York area.

I’ve always wanted to travel.  Even as a kid, I would borrow travel guides from the library and use them to make handwritten itineraries.  I had some opportunities to travel when I was younger, but I reached adulthood believing that travelling the world was not for me.  There were lots of reasons not to travel — I’m not adventurous enough, I’m too introverted to get outside my comfort zone, and, finally, I can’t afford it.

Then, in 2015, I took a family trip to Ireland.  My mother, sister and I had talked about visiting Ireland for many years.  Every time, we pushed it off until the next year.  During that time I had moved around, changed jobs, got married, and, generally, lived life.   However, once we had committed to the trip, my husband and I had to sit down and figure out how to pay for it.  This sparked my interest in budgeting and frugality.  It also made me realize that we could afford to travel, if we made it a priority.

So, I’m here to share how I find ways to make travel a major part of life, frugally and without quitting my day job.  Part of that includes travelling my own backyard and enjoying everything the New York area has to offer.  My goal for the future is to keep pushing outside my own box.  I look forward to more solo travel, and experimenting with more extreme ways to travel inexpensively.

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