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DeKorte Park (Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey)

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When most New Jerseyans think of the Jersey Meadowlands, I’d guess they think of highways, pollution, and speculation about Jimmy Hoffa’s body.  That’s what I thought, anyway.  However, the tall reeds of the Meadowlands have a haunting beauty, even when you are sitting in traffic in one of the most populated and overdeveloped regions in the U.S.  I featured a picture of DeKorte in my post about finding off the beaten path places to visit in your backyard.  It comes to mind immediately when I think of a local, but hidden gem.

Richard W. DeKorte Park

I only recently discovered DeKorte Park.  Located in Lyndhurst, DeKorte is part of a larger system of parks that preserves and reclaims parts of the New Jersey Meadowlands as natural space.

What I enjoy about the park is the chance to get a different perspective on my local area.  The park is bordered by the New Jersey Turnpike, a busy highway, and the New York Skyline is visible in the distance.  However, in the park itself there is a sense of tranquility.

Tall reeds on a cloudy day


Dramatic skies over a bird-watching dock


Click here for a guide to the park’s various trails.  I suggest starting with the Marsh Discovery trail.  The trail itself is a floating boardwalk that takes your right through the marsh.  Several parts of the trail cut directly through tall reeds.  These spots give me the surreal feeling of being cut off from the outside world.  It is also a popular spot for birdwatchers.

View of the Marshland Discovery Trail on a cloudy day
Skies over the Shorebird Pool
Saw Mill Creek Trail on a sunny day
Abandoned pay phones found wandering the edge of the park
A reminder of the area’s history of pollution

Please share in the comments any hidden gems in your area.

3 thoughts on “DeKorte Park (Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey)

  1. Alsways seen the swamps while driving past. Didn’t realize it was an actual park with trials 😱

    Have Richard W. Dekorte Park bookmarked now. So in some rainy day when I can’t think of what else to do. 😉

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