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New York City Summer Bucket List

There are countless reasons to visit New York City, even when you have done all the major tourist sites.  Or maybe, especially when you have done all the major tourist sites.  The best part about New York in the summer is the endless list of free activities — free museum days, free concerts, plays and festivals.    Many sites, like the High Line, allow you to experience both nature and the unique architecture of the city.  Of course, New York also has the best food from all over the world.  Every neighborhood has its own unique food cultures and best places to eat.

Staten Island Ferry – by Giorgio Galeotti via Wikimedia commons

If you live in the New York suburbs like me, you can fill a life time with day trips into the city, without running out of new things to do.  So, I tried to fill my bucket list mostly with new experiences, along with two events (Shakespeare in the Park and Celebrate Brooklyn) which are must dos every summer.

  1. See Julius Ceasar at Shakespeare in the Park
  2. Get stuffed at Smorgasburg
  3. Attend the Coney Island’s Annual Mermaid Parade
  4. Take a tram to Roosevelt Island
  5. See a movie at Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn
  6. Visit a new-to-me museum
  7. Enjoy a free concert at Celebrate Brooklyn!
  8. Take the Staten Island Ferry and step foot in Staten Island
  9. Eat at New World Mall in Queens
  10. Try for Broadway tickets through a reduced price lottery

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