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Night Out: Jersey City’s Midnight Market

Jersey City’s Midnight Market

We visited this foodie event last weekend ready to stuff our faces (and we did).

What is Midnight Market?

Midnight Market brings together 20 food vendors from the New Jersey/New York area.  It started in November 2016 a great foodie market to this side of the Hudson River.  It is $5 to get in, and $5 or less for most food items. The market runs on the second Friday of every month from 7:30-midnight.

The location is:

147 Harborside Financial Center Platform
Jersey City, New Jersey
midnight market2
Two upcoming events in June 2017

What did we eat?

We tried a few different vendors.  Our two favorites were:

Porta for house-made mozzarella with arugula salad.

Malai Ice Cream for any flavor.  I had the Turkish Coffee – a super-flavorful version of coffee ice cream.  My husband had the sweet milk which is described as condensed milk in ice cream form.  They also offered flavored cones in either cinnamon or five spice.


Get there early if you want to grab a drink and have a chance to scope out each of the vendors.  By the time we arrived at around 8:30 the place was packed and the lines for booze were super long.

The market is indoors, but there is an area to sit outdoors and admire the views of lower Manhattan once the weather warms up.

new york skyline
Views of Manhattan from right outside Midnight Market






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