One Day on Lake Thun

Boat trip on Lake Thun

The turquoise water of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz is a result of glacial deposits. Boat tours of both lakes are available from Interlaken (a town name meaning between lakes).  I choose Lake Thun because it is surrounded both by gorgeous mountain scenery and a total of five castles.  The trip from one end of the lake at Interlaken to the town of Thun at the other takes two hours.  However, we got off to explore on of those castles in Spiez.

Touring the Lake

When we embarked on a boat trip of Lake Thun, there was still a hint of sun through the clouds, but quickly it turned cold and rainy.  Fortunately, the boat had a enclosed area as well as open decks.  Visitors popped in and out to take pictures, and then back inside to warm up or order some food.

Villages and mountain along Lake Thun
Niederhorn before departing from Interlaken
The interior of the boat

Spiez Castle

From inside Spiez Castle, there are beautiful views of the turquoise waters of the lake and the neighboring castle church, as well as displays and artifacts reflecting the castle’s history.  We climbed to the top Spiez’s medieval tower keep, the center of the castle and its oldest part.  Chilly air flowed in freely from its slit windows, cut into the side the stone tower.  On a warmer day, we would have spent more time exploring the castle, its ground, and the interior of the Romanesque church.  However, after the tower, we made took the train from Spiez back to Interlaken to stop for some hot chocolate, and eventually back to Zurich for our return flight.

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