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A Slurp and Sip Combo in NYC

When my Dennis and I visited MarieBelle for the first time on a frigid December day, we were ready to come back.  I scheduled an event titled “Drink hot chocolate” for February 3rd my Google calendar.  A perfect pre-Valentine’s date.  But what pairs well with hot chocolate??  We decided to try some ramen that didn’t come with a separate flavor pack.

Totto Ramen

I specifically picked Totto because I am trying to avoid pork.  (I messed up and ate a ham sub at a Superbowl party the next day, but such is life).  Unlike most other Ramen places, Totto serves a chicken-based broth, as opposed to the more popular pork-based tonkatsu.  You can choose chicken or pork belly add-ins.  The broth!!   It is super-rich and creamy, definitely something I’d to drink straight on a cold winter day.  (The other elements were, in my opinion, just okay).  In order to mix things up, I ordered the spicy chicken paitan, which is topped with their spicy sesame oil.  Let’s just say I really appreciated the prompt water refills.  Be aware that all their New York locations are cash only!

Spicy Paitan
Seaweed Salad Appetizer
Chicken Paitan



I discovered MarieBelle through Rendezvous En New York (which has becoming my favorite blog for new and interesting things to do in the city).  MarieBelle is a gourmet chocolate store with a cafe located in the back.  Both are completely adorable.  They serve their hot chocolate in delicate little tea cups.  I love that they give each person sample of their companion’s chocolate — because FOMO is real.  Dennis claims that this is the best chocolate in the world — so much better than the chocolate we had in Switzerland (“the so-called chocolate capital of the world” in his words).  It’s not the milky hot chocolate most of us our used to, but more like thick molten chocolate that you drink.  I recommend a flavored version like hazelnut.  Honestly, I like the experience better than the chocolate itself.  When we went this past weekend, we got there right before closing and drank our to-go chocolate on the subway.

Tiny china cups of hot chocolate (awww)
From the cute cafe

Do have any plans for Valentine’s Day?  Are you like me and try to celebrate it way earlier to avoid the crowds?

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