Travelling Unglamorously (#No Makeup)

I usually have a pretty simple, but daily makeup routine.   Foundation and under-eye concealer are my my don’t-leave-the-house-without-it makeup minimum.  I’ve been devoted to same foundation (BareMinerals) for the past decade.  I started using it in my early twenties when my “teenage” acne would not stop flaring up, especially in that hormonal acne around the chin and jawline. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do to conceal Mount Vesuvius level pimples.  It is probably true that my acne calmed down at least partially due to age, my foundation that let my skin “breathe” also seemed to make a difference.

People sometimes tell me I have good skin, and I think (or sometimes say), “It’s just makeup”.  Maybe I do have good skin, but I am still super self-conscious about my skin. I’ve been experimenting with no makeup days, as part of my effort to be more frugal.  For example, I’ve been skipping makeup on Sundays, when all I have to do is tutoring or occasionally even go makeup-less to my regular Monday to Friday job.  Still, taking photos without makeup is daunting.  Who wants to see all their flaws (or perceived flaws) preserved forever in static digital copy of themselves?

What does this have to do with travel?  I don’t know how to travel glamorously, even before striking a  balance with traveling minimally and frugally.  Still, I always bring my makeup basics.  However, on my most recent trip to Switzerland, I somehow packed all my makeup except my foundation.  Of course I wanted all the gorgeous travel pictures possible, the ones where my skin looked flawless and camera angles obscured any hint of a double-chin. Fortunately, no amount of eyeliner (at least at my skill level) will even out your skin tone, or slim your face!  My husband and I took a lot of photos in Switzerland, but I’ve been hesitant to share some the ones featuring me. Of course, travel doesn’t need to be about being glamorous.  It’s about experiencing new things, and for me, pushing a little outside of my comfort zone.  So, here in one post, are all my favorite #nomakeup photos from Switzerland:

With George Lazenby aka 007 on the Schilthorn
Taking a bite of chocolate at the Cailler museum
On a boat on Lake Thun

What are your “least glamorous” travel experiences?

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